Local Authority Law

Chambers has forged relationships with the public sector over many years. We are proud to be associated with many local authorities and to partner with them in delivering legal services to their internal clients and through shared services.

Because Chambers edits the Commercial Litigation Journal and the Procurement Law Journal published by Legalease. Our advice is based upon recent cases and contemporary know how.

Many of our local authorities get to know us through our training and consultancy services before instructing us in their commercial and contractual disputes. We are confident that we offer value for money because we can replace panel solicitors by offering a more tailored service akin to outsourcing the whole litigation but at a fraction of the cost.

We are delighted to have received positive feedback from local authority legal teams -both commercial and dispute resolution. We have engaged with directors of services in developing a strategy that reflects the values of the public sector. Whilst committed to alternative dispute resolution, we recognise the litigation pressures placed upon local authorities by its co-contractors.

– Adjudication of an outsourcing contract
– Advice on the rights of the local authority under a framework agreement where the care home has breached Care Standards
– Litigation support in a commercial dispute with a service provider through to trial
– Termination rights for a contract awarded under the Procurement Regulations
– Equal rights treatment for a pension scheme operated by a local authority
– Contract awareness training for local authority contracts officers
– Introducing caps and limitations clauses in the contract for the provision of a service to an overseas government

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