Courses for Lawyers

Contract and Commercial Law

Boilerplates Refresher

This seminar reviews common boilerplates and the potential pitfalls when drafting against a typical precedent. By using reference to recent cases, different drafting options are explored.

Indemnities, Warranties and Guarantees

Ideal for co-co teams with a good working knowledge of the contract who wish to extend this and review the latest versions of indemnities and explore how they may be enforced. Guarantees and bonds will be placed under the microscope and recent case law challenging enforceability of guarantees reviewed. Reps and warranties will be included.

Negotiating Limit of Liability and Exclusion Clauses

One of the most contested clauses of the contract, this course provides an in-depth review of UCTA reasonableness, direct and indirect loss, caps and specific categories of loss. Recent cases and trends will be covered as well as drafting and negotiating the clause and reviewing its relationship to indemnities.

Contract Update

This popular course can be 2 hours – 6 hours. It covers the latest cases over the last 18 months and their practical application to your practice. Relevant statutory developments are included.

Commercial Law Update

This is for teams requiring a review of commercial law developments including Contract, Consumer. Procurement, TUPE, Competition Company Law and Jurisdiction etc.

Contract Drafting Workshop

This is a workshop which breaks the contract down into a series of clauses for discussion and review by reference to relevant recent authorities. The level can be tailored to the team.

Execution of Documents

Deeds, simple contracts, notices and other companies documentation must be executed correctly. This course provides a review of best practice and a glimpse at the horror stories.

Contract Law for Litigators

This is a popular course which focuses on the relationship between obligations and liability, liquidated damages, breach of contract, specific performance, rectification and construction, rescission, and key parts of the contract that are disputed.

Consumer and e-Selling

This provides up to date guidance on the changes in B2C contracts including new Consumer Rights and changes to Distance Selling.

Privilege Explained

The law of privilege is expanding and is required for both non-contentious lawyers and litigators.

EU Procurement Law

A review of the latest EU procurement regulations including utilities and remedies as well as recent cases.

Professional Negligence Update

This course includes new cases on the limits to duty, causation problems and the calculation of loss. It examines defences to negligence and reviews the insurer's position under the policy. It compares the cause of action in contract and in negligence.

Dispute Resolution

Civil Procedure and CPR Update

From 2- 6 hours, the latest cases on the CPR are covered with a focus tailored to your team. It is essential to keep up with new developments after the reforms.

Case Management

Interim applications, relief from sanctions, extensions of time, from disclosure to evidence, this training picks out the post Jackson pitfalls and opportunities before trial.

Drafting Settlement Agreements

A thorough review of how to achieve water-tight settlement agreements.

Privilege Explained

The law of privilege is expanding and is required for both litigators and non-contentious lawyers.

Practical Commercial Remedies

Both breach of contract and the spectrum of professional torts including negligence, mis-selling, financial and other commercial torts are included as well as damages, interim remedies and other relief

Witness Statements

The drafting of witness statements is critical to the prospects of success of an action. This course covers, the CPOR 32 as well as the techniques in interviewing witnesses and compiling their statements. It covers the cases on evidence, privilege and recent applications concerning late or defective statements.

Negotiation Skills for Litigators

Learn through interactive exercises and a surgery-style approach how to improve negotiate skills in a specifically litigation context. The course covers styles, concessions, techniques, persuasive argument, how to break deadlock, promoting the agreement, body language and dealing with the unreasonable.


Suitable for higher rights advocates and covering both the skill and the conduct points which arise, this course is led by an Advocacy Training Council accredited trainer and is suitable for all types of litigator. It focuses on chief, cross examination, closing and interim applications.

Project Management

This course takes litigators through the essentials of managing litigation as a project. Using a variety of tools, it boosts working smarter as a team and with experts and counsel. It provides examples of the project management approach and develops managing and cooperation skills.