Courses for Business

You may be new to contracts, wanting to kick-start your understanding. Or perhaps you’re an experienced commercial manager wanting to refresh your contract law knowledge with the latest case law.
Either way, you’ll find this contract law training accessible, interesting, relevant – and much more enjoyable than you expected! At a tailored workshop just for your team, you’re guaranteed to improve your understanding of commercial contracts.
The training examines key stages of the contractual process in which commercial personnel can become involved from initial negotiation to contract performance, and what happens if things go wrong or the contractual relationship breaks down.

Before the Contract

  • Supplier or customer: same issues – different perspective
  • Risk analysis: introduction
  • Work in anticipation of a contract
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Tenders and quotes (including an overview of EU procurement law)
  • Keeping a record of negotiations
  • Who signs – have they got capacity?

Contract Performance: Obligations and Specification

  • Why they are important to the contract
  • Different types of contractual clauses: conditions, warranties, representations
  • How to measure and monitor performance
  • Key performance indicators
  • Guarantees and indemnities: how do they relate to performance?
  • Timing and delay – are you entitled to amend the contract?
  • Unavoidable delay
  • Variation and modification: traps to avoid
  • Evidence and audit trail
  • Quality assurance
  • Delivery obligations – do you accept or reject?

Dealing with Defective Performance

  • What amounts to a breach of the contract?
  • Termination and liability clauses
  • Non-contractual liability
  • Different ‘types’ of breach
  • Different outcomes and remedies
  • Ending the contract due to the other party’s default
  • Prompt active contract management – how it can help

Loss and Limitation of Liability

  • What constitutes ‘loss’ under a contract
  • Special, consequential, indirect losses – what do they mean?
  • Negligence, product liability and other third party claims
  • Insurance
  • Caps and limits of liability
  • Liquidated damages – what are they?
  • Protection and leverage in negotiation: key clauses
  • Re-visiting the risk analysis

Intellectual Property

  • What is intellectual property?
  • Copyright and trade marks
  • Design rights and patents
  • Know-how and confidential agreements
  • Licensing intellectual property
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure

Compliance with Regulations

  • Auditing outsourcing and procurement
  • Tenders and value for money
  • EU/Non EU procurement law technicalities
  • Transferring employees
  • Anti-bribery policies

Contract Management

Aimed at businesses which wish to address risk management through a better understanding of their contract. Tailored to client’s contracting situations and processes, the course covers performance problems, change control, pre-contracting phases, signature and authorisation, claims and disputes, collaboration over rights and termination.

Drafting a Contract

This course provides a complete how- to guide including a template and review of common clauses. It de-engineers the process into a simple series of steps according to whether you are buying or selling. It explains the necessary contract ‘tools’.

Advanced Contracting Skills for Project Managers

For experienced contracting professionals and project managers, this course reviews the impetus and mechanisms to achieve on time, on budget and on quality delivery using the contract. It examines the rights and remedies available to parties. It comprises a procurement skills matrix.

Supply Chain and Procurement

Buying or selling, this training examines strategic sourcing and commercial or mandatory procurement and tender processes. It involves a series of workshops to improve negotiation (price, and pricing models, technology rights, risk management, operational deadlines, quality etc) through to signature and management of suppliers or the purchaser.

Compliance Training

Anti-bribery, competition and anti-trust, data protection as well as other common legal and commercial risks are covered.

Writing and Communication Skills

Junior and senior members of the team will benefit from a fun, hands-on session which improves communication in the written and verbal medium. It includes formal letters, emails, credible writing as well as work on how the individual influences their listener. It decodes signals and promotes communication within teams and with customers.

Sales and Distribution Systems

How will you sell or supply? This course reviews the practical and legal implications of agency agreements, distribution and supply chains. It addresses the risks inherent in each and provides clear contractual guidance on how to tailor the best system for your business.

Distance and Web Selling

Promoting a product or service through the web is now an obstacle course. Check out what you are doing is correct and find out about the pitfalls and requirements of e-commerce including dealing with customer complaints.

Intellectual Property Rights in Action

For clients in technical, IT, creative, fashion, engineering, medical and research-based sectors, this training enables confidence in understanding how ideas can be protected. Intellectual property rights are identified and a strategy for their protection through collaborative and risk-sharing partnerships is covered. Data protection and confidentiality is included.

Human Resources - Key Procedures

This popular course covers the employment contract as well as processes for managing maternity, paternity, sickness, conduct, competence, disciplinary and termination.

Project Management of Dispute Resolution

Outsourcing dispute resolution can be time consuming and expensive. This training is suitable for any type of dispute and focuses on the skills and processes involved in monitoring your legal team, mediation, collecting evidence, fact analysis.

EU Procurement Law

A review of the latest changes to EU procurement regulations including utilities and remedies as well as practical guidance in the tendering process.